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General information
About Computational Mechanics

Goals and co-operations

Strukture and organization


About Computational Mechanics

The simulation of mechanical phenomena has a long tradition in the engineering sciences. Efficient computers opened a new dimension to the simulation.

Theories to solid and fluid mechanics, heat transfer, electromagnetism, particle physics and other scientific disciplines are linked with efficient numeric procedures. Besides they are also used in many industries for example during product development, the calculation of wing units or in environmental protection.

The discipline of applied science and technology, which is dedicated to the study of mechanical phenomena by means of computer-aided methods, like modeling and numerical simulation, is called Computational Mechanics (CM).

Today it ranks world-wide among the key areas of research, education and application.


The Working Group CM. Goals and co-operations

The Working Group Computational Mechanics was founded 1999 at the University of Applied Sciences Lausitz (FH Lausitz). Its object is to strengthen the regional competence of the FH Lausitz in the field of Computational Mechanics.
The Working Group CM promotes and supports education and research of the Computational Mechanics and Computational Methods in the applied sciences at the FH Lausitz. Beyond that the working group understands itself as link between university and industry.

This is especially relevant for the exchange between different research organisations which contribute to the development of Computational Mechanics.

One further object of the working group is to get the often internationally acting
co-operating partners in contact with students. Thereby companies active in Computational Mechanics can easily make contact with highly qualified engineers and students taking their diploma in this field of research.
As a partner for practice the Working Group CM also offers services such as consulting, application assistance for commercial simulation programs and the execution of computations.

The network. structure and organization

The working group is a loose connection of competent specialists in the area of Computational Mechanics with special orientation on the industry. We always welcome new and interested members from universities and industry as well as students. Beside individuals also corporations can join the working group. The membership is free.

Our members profit from co-operations with renowned partners.

Since 1999 the Lausitzer FEM symposium gathers not only the members of the working group, but also other experts, co-operation partners and students.


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